Monday, July 12, 2010

Jackson Lang Price 7lbs 5 ounces 20 inches

So I know everyone likes to hear about how everything went down. On Sunday July 4th my water broke around 3:40 pm, we were about to head out to my parents to celebrate the holiday. I was standing in the bathroom getting ready when it happened and josh was watching tv, i shouted at him a couple of times to come in, I think on the third shout he finally came, and he started to panic:) It was so funny because i was being stubborn about putting some makeup on and he wanted to leave right away. I won and was putting on makeup while Josh stood hovering over me the WHOLE time. He kept asking me if I was hurting, but I felt nothing at this point, mostly just grossed out, and I kept changing my pants because I wanted to feel clean, which I finally gave up on. So around 4:00 we head to the hospital with everything packed, Josh is calling everyone we told that we would call them while driving like a crazy man:) I was super calm, mainly because I wasn't feeling any pain. We got to the hospital, and they set us up in the delivery room, the first contraction I felt lasted about 5 mintues, which is apparently too long, jacksons heart rate dropped really low and really fast. We were just sitting around talking and then all of the sudden 5 nurses come in and put an oxygen mask on me and start pushing me on my side, the checked me again, and they all were very serious when a couple of minutes ago I was joking around with one of them. Needless to say Josh and I were freaked out. The nurse called my doctor and he said if that happens again to set up for a C-section. They gave me a shot to stop my contractions for about an hour. At this point I was only at a one. So after that hour, the contractions were coming about every 7 minutes. They were not hurting yet at all. When I finally got to a four, I was feeling the contractions, the nurses gave me a demerol shot, which made me soooo loopy, this is the real last memory I have everything else i have snapshot memories of and then Josh told me the rest. I had an epideral soon after when the contractions were getting really bad around 8 am the next morning i went from a 4 to a 10 in 4 hours, the nurse checked me and said that is was time to push. I pushed for about an hour and he was sunny side up, so his face wasn't pointed down. He was stuck in the birth canal about an inch away from crowning. At this point in pushing i was feeling everything on my right side, the antheiologist (sp?) was in surgery so they couldn't fix that, so they gave me another shot of demerol, and that wasn't really helping with the pain just made me really really loopy. So about 10 minutes after that i was cussing and screaming for 2 things, 1. to make the pain go away and 2. to get him out of there. The doctor came in and said we can try pushing some more or we can do a C-section. He left it up to me, and i really think you should never ask someone in that much pain if she wants to take the easy way out, because i took it. Later the doctor told me there was no way he was going to come out by pushing so he was happy with the decision. At my 38th week appointment I was telling him how much I didn't want a C-section. So he knew I would be upset. So with the decision made, they set up for an emergency C-section. They wheeled me in and told josh to stay out, gave me yet another shot a spinal tap. Josh showed me Jackson when he came out but i don't remeber it at all. I didn't get to see him until that night. But from all the pictures and video that I saw he looked like he just got out of a UFC fight, his eyes were blood shot from blood vessels popping, he had bruises all over his face, his eyes and lips were so swollen. He was not very cute when he first came out haha, Josh told me when he first saw him he was thinking, "oh not so cute, but we will love him anyways" haha. That night when i was feeding him Josh was showing me pictures, and he just looked totally different. I was thinking someone switched our baby. But he just got cute pretty quick afterwards:) We stayed in the hospital till wednesday, and have been obsessing over him the whole time since:)

This is me at 37 or 38 weeks, I can't remeber. but it was my last pregnancy picture.

When he first came out:) the not so cute jackson:)

Jackson at 4 days old, WAY cute now!!!!

We love him and are still fighting over turns to hold him:)


  1. Congratulations Natalie! He is super cute! Of course now I am even more terrified to have a child! haha

  2. Congrats! He is adorable! I ended up having an emergency c section with Emma because her heart rate was too high. Because both of my boys were breech, they were c section too. Wish I could see him in person!!!