Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Provo so far

So we recently started a new hobby to pass the time, josh is obssessed i manily love it for the workout, it is fun though, but here are a few pics from the trip to provo canyon, this was my first time ever doing this besides the rock walls in the mall:)

Josh did awesome for his 3rd time ever he did an 11b, and apparently thats pretty difficult

Our friend Danny and his girlfriend Kelsey are the ones who took us!

Haha I looked retarded the whole way up letting out a few choice words!

We went on a date to the batting cages whcih kinda sucked cause our hands were freezing so it hurt everytime we hit the ball:(

Josh is redoing my grandmas basement so we can move in:) Rent free!

My favorite from the BYU game:) we lost horribly to TCU

This shows my mood towards the end

Oh and it rained a few times and it was freezing

Sisters! Ashley and Kristin came down for the game

This was taken during a horrible play, hence the faces

I love lavell edwards stadium

This was before the game started thats why we are happy

Ashleys half face picture

oh before the game started we went to the mall to play and we went into motherhood maternity cause the let you try on pregnant bellys hilarious, and im gonna look like an ugly pregnant girl, short and squatty josh on the other hand will be cute:)


  1. you updated, woo hoo!!! Aren't those bellies in the dressing room fun? I played with them too :) So you guys are in provo?? That's good, hopefully we'll get to see you sometime..that's way easier than DC or Seattle or wherever it was that you guys were! Talk to you soon, love ya!

  2. It's only like 8 hours...maybe 9. Just do it...don't think about it, do it!