Saturday, May 9, 2009


So now a blog about my MOM!!! my mom is PATIENT, beautiful, funny, a weird texter haha, the glue to our family, and a great example.........basically I forgot to send a card in the mail, so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!

On top of a mountain with shelbutt!

She dressed up like this to shock shelby at the bus, it was soo funny, you could hear the kids screaming from the beginning of the street! one of the funnest moments ever!

Mom and dad, getting us lost on snowmobiles on the mountain!

Her infamous "photography" haha alot turn out great but she manages to get the worst pictures of us at our ugliest! hahaha such as when you hold your breath under the water and finally reach surface and suck in with a gasp! yep mom is there to capture that moment:)
The reason why we are so ridicously good looking!

I love you mom!


Mothers day is tomorrow! And here is a little blog about my mother in law:)

She is funny, holds everything together, loves me and I love her, beautiful, giving, a great friend, and has raised some amazing kids!

Laurel I'm lucky To have you as a mother in law!