Monday, October 25, 2010

Recently as of 10/25/10

Jackson getting ready for warm weather

Josh has wanted to do this the second i got pregnant, he is so happy jackson can do it, i think jackson looks so old in this picture

Grandma Laurel spoils him:) the shirt speaks the truth

first time trying rice cereal, he really liked it

at the byu vs tcu game

first big boy outfit, i love his shoes, another grandma laurel spoil:)

shelby comes home after school and if jackson and eli are there she grabs one for a nap, it is sooo cute

shelby had rockstar day at school, she wore this wig so jackson had to try it out

baby stare down, eli always smiles when he sees jackson, so cute

jackson loves laying on his back and blowing spit bubbles

little bear cub!

these two together is so much fun!

if josh is anywhere in the room and talking jackson always stares at him

bumbo time!

swing time! the little boys swing while we play tennis and badmiton

conference time! jackson is constantly ruining onesies by peeing on them, havent figured out why it doesnt stay in the diaper, but i always have him in just diapers or his sweats

so almost every morning jackson wakes up super happy, we all go watch the morning news and play with him! it is seriously my favorite time of the day, i used to not be a morning person by having been forced to i love it!

falling asleep on daddy after he was done with work

trying on hats at the county fair

grocery shopping, also why do people give you dirty looks when babies cry in public? it is so annoying, guess what babies cry ALOT!

first byu game in florida, we have yet to take them to one that we have won:)

the 2nd family picture we have taken, i hate being in pictures right now, dont really want to remember the fat times

grandpa putting the sleepy baby in the water, first time at the ocean, we were in florida near tallahassee

getting his sunscreen on

jackson not so happy

blessing day, he is so tiny in this picture, josh did a really good job and jackson didnt cry at all

this is our first family picture and jackson is sleeping in his cute outfit my mom made!