Friday, February 27, 2009

The Story of Us as told by Josh

As Natalie already wrote we met summer 2005:) thats a long time ago now! but here is how I remember it. When a new semester begins at Byu-I they start it off with a night of fun called the I night extravaganza. Which may i add is a pretty fun night. There are tons of games available to play and like any school full of single LDS adults there are dating games:) So i decided to sit in on one of these dating games where a girl or guy tells the host a bunch of things they are looking for in a relationship. and as you dont qualify like if they say the person likes blonde hair and you have brown hair you sit down. Anyways, One of natalies friends made it all the way to like the final 6. I was in the front and she was in the back and when he made it up to the front she was screaming and cheering and being her energetic awesome self and i turn around to see this gorgeous, obviously fun little blonde girl screaming her head off:) And i think to myself im going to ask that girl out!!
And due to my extreme courage that didnt end up happeing so i thought, CRAP!! This is BYU-I i am never going to see her again!! this was a friday night. Saturday im grappling the side of my friends apartment building having alot of fun when this same girl walks up and says
"what are you guys doing? you're so retarded!" and as im standing there with my mouth hanging open i manage to muster the words to my friend brett "you know her??" and brett said "ya man thats natalie" and again because of my courage she walked away and up to one of her friends apartments who lived above brett.
Then a couple days later we decided to go set off some fireworks that my friends had purchased and i go to get in the car and there she is again sitting in the middle seat in the back so i climb in and sit next to her:) We go to the gas station and still dont really talk until we stop there and she turns to me and says "obviously these guys are all rude, im natalie" so i intorduced myself back and we went and played with fireworks and so on.
In the weeks to come she would stop by the apartment because she was seeing one of the guys that lived there kind of. (honestly they really didnt get along, trust me) and eventually she would just stop by and sit and talk to me:) this went on for about 2 months and we just got closer and closer.
Then it got to the point where i knew i wanted to be with Natalie so i built up the nerve and told her that i knew i wanted to be with her and she said that she didnt want to get into a relationship at that time:/ haha. So i told her that if she changed her mind i would be there. So I invited her to come to sacramento in between semesters with her friend lindsey. (I busted out the secret family:) then she came to me and said that she didnt like me...she adored me. I was the happiest guy on the planet, that was August 20 2005.
Since then we have been on and off but always happy and dealt with alot together:) And this last semester we talked alot about getting married and that it felt like the time was getting better and better. I went out to work in miami after the fall and i was just trying to figure out the best way to do it:)
I planned to do it sometime in march, but the ways that it worked out the end of february ended up being the best and worked out best with her family as well. So i started conspiring with her parents and family in order completely surprise natalie and get it done in a memorable way. Luckily her dad loves to take the family out to dinner on random nights of the week:) So her dad flew me out to texas to have a talk face to face with him and his wife. And once we had done that that night we decided to do it that night. So i went to outback and had the whole family in on well as the whole staff at outback:) i got a shirt pins and everything and they all ordered their food and i camped out in the kitchen and chatted with all the kitchen staff and servers. The server took out all of their food but Natalies as previously planned. Then the Waitress brought me Natalies plate and ashley (natalies sister) came to video tape. So i came out with her food leaned over and said here pretty girl, sorry about the wait. she looked at me shocked and started crying i stood her up and said some nice things, knelt down and proposed:) as you guessed she said yes and that was Feb. 25 2009. And now im writing this blog:) its been a long road from the beginning to now, but i can honestly say ive never been happier.

The Story of Us as told by Natalie

Josh and I meet in the summer of 2005. I showed up at a friends apartment and saw him and two friends grappling the side of the apartment complex I yelled up "You guys are retarded" and kept on to my friends apt.

Turns out we had a mutual friend and we all ended up in the same car headed to play with some fireworks. He sat next to me and no one was introducing us so I took intiative and and did it myself. We played with our friends and left the day without really talking too much. I started going on dates with a guy who lived in an apt josh hungout in all the time.

I would go over to see this guy but ended up talking to josh mostly;) Thats when our friendship started and it started FAST!! We hungout almost everyday for about 2 months, then he invited my roomate and I to go to sacramento with him for the break. And anyone who has ever meet the Price family knows that the second you meet this family you fall in love! We had a great time and during this break we decided we both wanted to be with each other! We have had so much fun for 4 years where we have been on and off do to distance.

Well on Febuary 25, 2009 he shocked me by showing up at a family dinner I was having at Outback(my favorite place to eat)!! He pretended to be my waiter and he conspired with the whole staff of Outback and made it so my food came out last and kinda late....during this time all the waiters and hostess were staring at me soo creepily and I just thought maybe I had something in my teeth or something on my face or they hated my outfit?? Well he showed up with my dinner and got down on one knee and asked me to marry and be with him for forever!! I said YES!!! I love him and am so excited for April 3rd. We are kinda doing the engagement fast(sorry if its horribly inconvient for you) but he is headed to New York this summer and we thought it would be a fun and exciting adventure to start off our marriage in New York this summer:)