Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer in DC 2009

These are some pictures of lake powell that i stole from ashley, a bit out of order, but i dont really know how to move them...

cooking some smores at the campfire
the first night we got there, we had been traveling for 13 hours, we were sooo tired
you really just cant get prettier than that!
haha, i hate my freckles, so i was hiding my face!
haha us in a nutshell
dinner at lake powell is always the best
josh fishing again
he loved the jet skiis the most, a little too much he almost ran into the speed boat....
jumping off cliffs, it doesnt look high from this picture but it really was!
haha im pretty sure i have a picture just like this!
cool picture ashley got, i think this was the storm that had our houseboat in total choas, it was not a nice day
ugh poker
double solitare, so much fun!
tubing, this tube was scary it flew in the air!

This is what we were up to since we got married!!

On the drive up to dc we stopped as this crazy place called foamhenge, this rich old dr cline created a mystical town, kinda creepy, it had a haunted house(year round) a wax museum, and an exact replica of stonehenge made of foam, this is the sign we found when we entered in foamhenge!
The way you look after 2 days of driving non stop......gross.....we know!
This picture took some skills, josh ran about 50 yds in less than 10 seconds to get this picture! haha
                   going car crazy!
Lake powell, the boys fixing the anchors! this is what us girls have been waiting for, boys for my dad to order around so we didnt have to do the heavy lifting!
Josh caught so many fish, i caught one little tiny thing that made me feel sad, it looked like a tiny little baby fish, that i stabbed with a fish hook:(
He really loved to drive it, not really sure why
Josh had to pee really bad and jon and i were not going to make a special trip to a gas station for him since we had just finally got to lake powell! haha so i got a picture!
The early morning before our flight to vegas then our drive to page
4th of july in dc, there were sooo many people
on the metro going to dc, it always made us both motion sick....
six flags with some other people we work with!
our limo tour of dc at night! it was alot of fun!
haha acting like we were something special!
this is the nurse from that famous picture of the nurse being dipped and kissed by the sailor in times square! i thought it was awesome having her in the memorial day parade!
my friend heidis boy aiden, this is the beach in annapolis!
josh in front of the white house!
me in front of the white house!
the washington monument!
abe lincoln my favorite monument in dc, gave me goosebumps
josh in front of lincoln
freedom is not free, now if people could remeber this quote im pretty sure liberals wouldnt exsist
World war two monument, it has each states name around this big fountain thing
texas woohoo!
the capitol, i really like this picture! thought i did pretty good taking it
trying to zoom in to see who was getting out of the cars in the front of the white house, and no it wasnt obama
finally sitting

So thats all the pictures i had from this summer wish i had taken some more, but it gets annoying being the only one taking the pictures -Cough- josh.... 

Miley and Buster

Well this is a story all about how our lifes got twist turned upside down and i like to take a minute so sit right there, heres a story how we had 2 dogs in one summer! First was buster a boston terrier, he was a good pup but had some signs of big medical problems in the future so we had to sell him, and then there was MILEY the boxer she was perfect, but with life the way it happens we decided to sell her to a family who wont be living in 3 different states in a year, they both went to homes that had other dogs and owners who will spoil them, but they were my babies, josh was gone all day and we hung out like best buds! They both whined when i wasnt in the room which i thought was cute, both took naps with me everyday! They were awesome and i really miss them both but i do realize us having a dog right now just adds to the craziness, but i will get one the second we get a house! and it will be a girl boxer, cause miley was perfect and so adorable i couldnt even stand it! Ugh I loved them so much, such cute little things!

New york 2009

After our 2nd reception in texas we headed to long island, new york! We loved it there but after 2 weeks our office moved to washington dc. We ended up staying there for the rest of the summer. While we were in new york we went to the hamptons, the beach was soo pretty but we of course decided to go the day it was rainy and gross. But i got a picture of josh, who looks super happy to be there:) My parents also came to visit for 4 days and since we had been to new york as a family before we wanted to show josh all the new tourist stuff. We went to the empire state building where i hugged the inner wall the whole time and sat on the stairs with my head between my legs, if you have ever been there before the whole building sways with the wind, made me want to barf on the hobos below. We went to WICKED which was by far one of my most favorite musicals EVER! i loved ever second and literally had my mouth open in shock the whole time wondering how they can put on a production like that! GA-lenDA made me laugh 
Our 1st apt

so hard i cried! Both my parents and josh said she reminded them of me, she was funny in a dumb blonde that a compliment? I will take it! After the show we went out to eat at the best restuarant ever! we sat outside and it was perfect weather, it was one of my most favorite nights because josh was getting to know my parents more and  I was on a high from wicked, the food was awesome, and everyone was laughing and having fun! We also road the subway everywhere, which was cool cause after the first day i knew how to get everywhere. Felt like a true new yorker, i even tried to stare past people, like everyone else in new york does, but i ended up gawking when hobo looking people came on or when the transvestite stood next to my dad! HILARIOUS!  We went to the statue of liberty, it was really fun but we had to run to catch or ferry, i mean like 50 yd dash run not a light jog. I of course was huffing and puffing while josh was eating a bagel and drinking his drink while running, made me look pathetic! Oh our hotel was super super classy, it was called the london, before i got married it would have been the nicest hotel i have ever stayed in(we stayed in the venetian our 2nd day being married), a guy from the sopranos was staying there too, my dad recognized him, i never watched it before. Then we went on those bike chariot tours in central park my parents in one and josh and i in the other, they took us to tavern on the green, strawberry fields, the water fountain where the opening credits to friends was filmed, through the whole park, our guides were friends from turkey, and super funny, cause they loved american films and told us all the major films that had ever been filmed in or near central park. We went to coney island at night time which was scary and ate at the first ever Nathans! SO good! We went shopping at Macys and bought purses from street vendors, i could have talked the guy lower on price but my dad felt bad and paid full price:( haha We ate hot dogs from street vendors too, and my dad got a soda which the top was super dirty but he didnt notice till he was half way done, pretty sure he swallowed some swine flu!     

                                 The naked cowboy

Josh at the Hamptons                                 


                  Hot dogs from street vendors

Statue of Liberty

The top of empire state building

                                                           Our hotel was right by the late show

Before Wicked started
Our bike tours

New york, pardon my nastiness,                      
it was like 100 degrees                                                    The Beatles Tribute in Central Park

My mom on the subway                             
           My dad


Times Square
Ghostbusters towers