Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Latest Happenings....

So much has happened this last month or so:) Josh and I are MARRIED!!! Living in Long Island right now and trying to get used to living with each other;) So I have a ton of pictures and LOTS of stories so here it goes......

My beautiful bridal shower put on by the Neilsens;) my second family! The cake was so pretty and tasted even better! I had so much fun , got embarassed, and got ALOT of presents! Still working on thank you cards...

We made lingerie out of balloons! Kinda odd but ok?!?

Some of my favorite girls:) making balloon handcuffs hahaha!

Josh taking a nap with my sisters:) apparently I wasn't allowed to join:(

Getting our marriage license:) Josh saying goodbye to his freedom!

Ya we were happy! One more step towards being official:) It was perfect weather the day before we got married, but of course April 3rd was freezing and rainy:( This rain followed us to ever reception and it even flooded in Texas!

This is my cousin Anna's boy Noble:) Notice the weather! 

Josh and I got ALOT of advice before we got married and are still getting it:) From both sides of the families and friends! We love it hahaha 

I know it looks like nice weather but it was freezing! But notice josh and kristin dancing! We stopped traffic to take some pictures in the street!

The whole clan! Everyone looked so good! even though they thought they didn't their wife thought they looked hot!

This one is my favorite! just so funny!

The girls all wanted to know what to wear so I said find something grey with yellow accents! They all looked so hot!

Gotta have a shoe picture!!

Caught Josh playing air guitar on the way to vegas for our mini honeymoon! haha

On the way to vegas we stopped at a family monument! kinda boring:)