Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teasing Jackson

So when Jackson gets hungry he "woodpeckers" at everything and anything, it is pretty cute but we put him on his stomach and he started lifting his butt off the ground while doing the "woodpecker". Josh and I thought it was hilarious so i thought i would share


  1. awww, that's so sweet! He's just trying to suck anything! I would always tease Levi when he was hungry and it would make Dave so mad. I think what's more cute in that video is how hilarious you and Josh find him, you're soooooo parents!! So whoa, I read through your last post and got some of the story from Kristin, that sounds awful! Sorry labor and delivery was so crazy for you guys but hopefully you're recovering. I wish our babes could be friends...boo for being on opposite ends of the country!

  2. Awe...he is so cute! Congratulations! We really are so happy for the two of you. Emma and Jackson need to be friends! First we need to get them in the same city sometime soon...we will work on that. We wish you a speedy recovery! Give Jackson a hug from us!